Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday... and a little more.

 Let me start by saying... I love this smell. I received this from a friend at church and I can not get enough of this smell. I now own the lotion, soap, body butter, and bubble bath...LOVE IT!  Anyway, one of my school kids was washing her hands before school and I was joking around that she should feel stress free now. All of my second grade kiddos are testing today so before they got on the bus, they all squirted stress free lotion so they would be calm and relaxed for their testing. Love this morning group of kids! They always make me smile and laugh during a crazy time.

 Working on our gears and gadget art. It was kinda a flop but the kids still had fun tracing the "gears". We are learning about how things work. I will admit, it isn't my favorite lesson but we are muddling through it.
 Working on our number card. I gave each kid a different amount of dots and they had to count to make sure they were only using twelve.

 Before circle time starts the kids can free play, color, or free art. These two pick art and coloring almost every morning over free play. Today they worked on cutting, sorting, and gluing.
 My 2014 "word" is sorting. I know we are a big family but sometimes I feel like our house is closing in on me. It is probably why I hate clutter so much. Clean, I don't care. Clutter I can't stand. Our entry way already has 2 sets of hooks for dance bags, soccer bags, book bags, coats, and diaper bag. It is over flowing. Our garage space is not being used to it's fullest. I asked Dustin last week if we, (meaning HE) could build 5 locker/storage for me in the garage. Each will have hooks and a basket for large items. This was his progress yesterday. I can't wait until it's painted and all ready to use. All extra bags, soccer balls, roller skates, ect will be in these units. I am so excited Dustin could do this and actually enjoys projects like this. Yay! #sorting2014
 One of my smaller projects was my worksheet storage for our monthly writing pages. Last night I re-did a shelf in my daycare area and now it makes me so happy. #sorting2014

 I know I don't post as many pictures of the older kids... it harder when they are at school. But surely I would never take one of my kids looking like this on a late night run to Orange Leaf for bedtime snacks. I would surely make them wear clothing, shoes, and brush their hair! Oh well...

 My little Q-man is not so little. My little nutter butter is feeding himself with puffs now. About half still end up on the floor but he is getting there. He loves those things and it helps us get through dinner because he isn't screaming that he isn't getting fed.

 I sure do miss this little hot mess while she is at school. I always look forward to hearing about her day and then within minutes of no break, I wonder, why did I miss this? Just kidding. I love how excited she is and that she actually tells me about her day! I miss my spunk while she is away learning!
Gaby's new hair cut. I am over the moon excited at how her cut turned out. I was really surprised that she agreed to try it since we have to flat iron her bangs every morning. She looks a little more grown up and a little less tom boyish. I love how this cut gave her a little boost of confidence.

Last week I received an email that 6th graders are enrolling for middle school next month and there is a parent meeting. Lets just pause here for a moment. First of all, am I really that old? Second of all, is Gaby really that old? And third of all, WHAT? I am so not ready for middle school. I know whatever it brings, she will be fine. I will be too, maybe by the time she is in high school.

Happy Tuesday. Hope this day is blessing you somehow!!!

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