Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Madness

 It's so weird how our family was outside, in shorts (my older kids), riding bikes, and playing in mud yesterday and today we are back inside, cooped up trying not to have cabin fever. Okay, at least I am. Today to get some of our sillies out we got the tumbling mat out and turned up the music.
I was trying to get a silly pose and Ms. A was not having it.
 We worked on floor puzzles. We haven't done a lot with puzzles this year but this month I am setting up a puzzle area so we can work more with them one on one.
 We also did play dough; worked on writing and molding letters with the dough as well. 
 "Winter is" craft... today we made a book. The kids came up with "winter" vocabulary words and we made a book from it.
All of them hard at work... learning is AWESOME.

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