Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Randoms and updates....

 Tis the season... to be doubled booked with activities but with the help of others, you get it done and it all works out somehow. Last night was one of those nights. Sunday Kadyn went to the highschool to learn a dance routine. They performed it during the half time show at the boys' game last night. It was a fun time to see her out on the court dancing.

I watch her dance I see how much she really loves it. I see her 6 years trying out for HS dance teams and dancing her heart out. I hope activities like this keep her motivated to keep dancing. It can be challenging for her but she doesn't let show. 
 Here are three generations of Fluke men... Dustin's dad, Paul, Dustin, and Quentin. I was bummed he moved at the lat minute but still a cute picture. Last night was Q-man's first basketball game. He was so excited. His eyes were bright as he just watched everything around him. The noise didn't bother him one bit. He loved all the action going around him. 
 Last night we also had Kendal's first preschool concert. She looked so cute. Aunt Kara had a challenge. We had bought this dress for 8.00 for Kenni to wear in Kara's wedding in October- she did, looked great. I asked Kara Friday if she could do anything with this dress to make it a winter dress. she made her the beautiful shawl and knitted off white snowflakes on the dress to cover up some little snags. Kendal looked amazing in her outfit.

Her concert went well. She performed well and smiled lots. I am glad everything worked out to watch everything. 
Last Saturday I took Kadyn to Lawrence to see the KC big band Christmas show. It was a fun time. They played a great set of Jazz classics and Christmas songs. Kadyn enjoyed her time there was totally embarrassed when I dragged her out to the dance floor to dance. We had a great mother/daughter date and can't wait to do this with the other girls as well.

First week of December we had a meeting on Kadyn. The learning team she works with had finished their testing and we had reports in our hands. The night before the meeting I received the email that had her "findings" and plan of action. I couldn't get through it without balling. It was hard to think that we were finally at the next step with her. The report had lots of fun letters and names of things I still don't remember stand for what. It basically listed out her strengths and her weaknesses. It also determined that she needed an IEP and had a learning disability. It took a while for this to finally sink in. I read the report over and over. I was worried she wouldn't get to stay in her class, she wouldn't stay with her outstanding teacher, she wouldn't stay with her reading teacher and everything would be changed. The fear of the unknown I guess.

The day of the meeting I was a mess, I couldn't eat (probably not a bad thing) and I couldn't stop thinking about the outcomes of this meeting. We had a sub come in for daycare, and we took Quentin to the school for the meeting. I was so happy Dustin could come with me to hear what was going to happen next for Kadyn. (I took Q so I would be slightly distracted with him so I couldn't become an emotional mess-it worked.)

At the meeting, her team was there along with two new faces I hadn't met before. We went over the report, their findings, and what comes next. Basically Kadyn is reading at a 2nd grade level.
Her main issue in common talk is that she can not process what she is reading at a pace that she should be. A pace needed to read at a 3rd grade level. Which makes total sense to me. She can read, it is slow. Her inability to  process things also can be seen with math facts. During timed tests she is unable to complete them within the given time. It was just this last week she completed her 2's math facts after weeks of working on them at home and school. The report also said her long term comprehension wasn't what it should be as well.

The team is amazing that we are working with. Through this process everyone has continued to keep Kadyn's best interest number one. They have also become a support for me as a parent as this is all new for me as well. They came up with an IEP (individual education plan) and listed classroom accommodations.  When I first read over what her accommodations were for the classroom I was worried, I thought if we use all of these, she will NEVER overcome this. Kadyn will use these accommodations to her advantage and stop trying, some being challenged, and just stop showing progress.  During the meeting, Dustin and I brought this concern up and her teacher knew very well what we were talking about. She assured us she would use the extra help in the classroom only when needed.

Her teacher and everyone working with Kk wants to see her succeed. I believe now that we know "why" Kadyn isn't where she should be we can identify more specifically what she needs. At this time she is continuing with her reading teachers and her groups. The school is increasing her time and making it 5 days a week for her second group. Hoping that intense intervention will be the answer.

At home we are still doing what we do. Kadyn and I read a chapter books each evening, work on spelling words, go over math facts, and then bedtime routine. I don't know what more we can do from home but we keep trying hoping it is helping as well.

Until then... that is our update! Thanks for the encouraging words and prayers over Kadyn. Her spirit is just awesome and I know with all the help coming from school she will make progress and catch up. If anyone can do it- she can!

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