Friday, December 13, 2013

shots and cookies

 Today Q-man is 7mo old. We actually just had his 6mo check up yesterday. We had a great appointment,  a growth spurt, and tried a sippy cup. All good things!
 My lil guy is 17 lbs and 27 in long. Still perfect and smiling all the time, expect for when you give him shots. He becomes cranky and grumpy. Poor guy tried so hard to stay in a good mood yesterday but couldn't pull it off. Thank goodness we had a stay at home night.
 Dr. Nelson... we love her! Always has great suggestions and is very approachable- even momma's of 5 don't know all the answers, for sure! 
 While Q-man slept, we baked, frosted, and decorated cookies to hand out.
 Mia and her posing... keeping her and Kenni from eating the candy was a great challenge.
 Kadyn's first plate of cookies...
Gaby was getting creative and making elf's and santa's.  Too Cute! Overall, even with shots, we had a fun night!

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