Friday, October 21, 2011

A night at Cubbies...

My little Cubbie Mia, who is ignoring me during her hand book time.

Here are some pictures from our Cubbie Meetings on Wednesday night. A little overview to what we do. These are so out of order compared to how our meetings go...

We have four areas that the Cubbie rotate into... games, crafts, handbook, and snack. The above picture is game time.

Each Cubbie group has 20-25 kids and we currently have 4 groups! It is so motivating to see all these kids come every Wednesday night! Big hi-five to the parents that get them there... it's no easy task!

Snack time... while the kids eat, we had a visit from Mr. Paper, the talking paper and Mr. Bag, the talking plastic bag! We have awesome leaders! The leaders are not paid. They give over 2 hours of their time each week to make this program work. We have over 30 workers on average to make this thing tick!

Mia during snack time...

Another group... craft time! Each week we have a small craft that goes with our story or verse.

Another group at snack... we had cheese balls and lots of orange hands. My snack leaders went above and beyond and made sure hands and mouths were cleaned using bowls of water! Little details like this really make a huge impact.

Handbook time is where the kids say their verse to their leader. Parents and leaders sign it off and then these gals enter it into our Cubbies program (which we had a parent/leader totally write for our church-- way cool). These ladies have a crazy job of entering all the signed info into the computers, giving patches, and making sure everyone is caught up!

This is our big group time. At the beginning of our meeting, we start out in this room. We begin with our Cubbie song. Then we have two leaders teach us our verse to music. Again, we had a parent/leader volunteer to put our verses to music to make it easier for our Cubbies to learn their bible verses each week. The Cubbies LOVE this. After music time, we have puppets, and story time.

It takes an army to pull off our Wednesday nights. I have to say, this evening is full of energy- the kids come in so excited and wound up. But it is so worth it. Each kids is being exposed to God's word, His stories, and through programs like Awana, we are able to lead people to Christ.

This is just a snap shot view of our program. Cubbies is only for 3-5 year olds however TBC does offer Sparks for K-2nd graders, and TnT for 3-6th graders.

On a personal note, I have gained so much from Cubbies as an adult. I see the kids have such enthusiasm when they get to say their verses, or when a leader knows their name and holds a conversation with them. Their energy truly catches on.

Cubbies has also brought some great connections and fellowship for me. I have loved getting to know all of our leaders and their families. I have made some fabulous friends through this process and for that I am grateful. Cubbies is for 3-5 year olds but it certainly has done wonders for my soul as well!

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