Tuesday, March 6, 2012

total randoms...

It feels like Spring today... it's over 70 degrees. It makes me have Spring fever.
However, I really didn't have winter fever. It has by far been one of the best winters ever... I think!

We have Gaby and Kadyn's book fair tonight... it is always a crazy busy time at the school.
This year Gaby has to do a historical presentation- she was not pleased at first because she had to wear a dress... any one that know Gaby knows this peanut so does not do dresses. We found her dress at Good Will and the rest we had... I think she will do a great job telling about her time on "Little House on the Prairie". She is Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Today I am itching to get out of the house... it must be a weather thing. I am hoping to get a outside run in before the book fair starts. That is my goal at least.

I haven't ran in a few days- I have been battling really bad headaches and it has taken all desire to run or workout out of me. I did get a couple workouts in last week. And of course, I am off to a better start this week. I have 2 5k's on the calendar that I need to gear up for. This is my motivation right now. And of course, getting into my spring clothing!

I have tracked my food a lot better this month but still could be more on top of it. Probably adding Orange Leaf isn't going to help today's calorie intake either... but... I am looking forward to it! It could be worse...

I am almost caught up on laundry. I just need to finish folding it and putting it away! I think I can. I love doing one load a day but Wednesday's it just doesn't happen so I do 1-3 loads on Tuesday to stay ahead of the game. I AM ALMOST DONE!!!!

Just sent Mia off to preschool- that kid looked super cute today. As we waited for her ride, we sat and talked. It is such a nice few minutes to connect with her before she goes. And did I mention she looked so stinking cute? She looked ready for spring.

I am ready to pack up winter clothing- I am trying to hold off one more week. I did bring in all the tubs of clothing and started to look at what we had and what the kids might need. It seems that Kadyn is the only one that really has outgrown what she had from last year. I try to space it out a little so it doesn't hurt my budget all at once.

I am getting a new work computer... I am clueless. I am thankful I can pick my hubby's brain on this issue. I tell him what I need, what I use it for, and he gives me answers. Most of the answers I don't understand but that is okay. I am excited to be getting a new work computer.

I think that is all the randoms that are going through my head right now. I need to get finished up so I can fold all of that laundry during nap time.

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