Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My trouble maker...

Hands down Mia has always been my trouble maker. I remember several times calling Dustin at work to tell I was giving him 2 weeks notice on Mia. Times are changing, Mia is growing up, and not that she is perfect by any means, she has changed a lot- for the better.

Then comes Kendal... who puts Mia to shame. Really, I am no spring chicken at this "raising a 2 year old" thing. I've done it a few times with my children and daycare.

Kendal just mocks authority.
She talks back and says, "no".

And when she is left alone in her room to play... she makes a mess of our daycare learning area.

Oh, that child! It looks like she should be on a TV show called, "2 year old's gone wild".

I hate that it is blurry, but here is Kenni getting a stern talking to from Dustin... after he is done, she looks up and says, "You not happy?"

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