Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh my goodness!

Was our carpet really this bad?? Yes!

It wasn't always this bad... really just the last 6 months or so. The professional cleaners even told us they could not help us! I am so over the moon excited that we were able to finally get carpet installed! It just changed the look of the house!

We never let the kids eat in the living room... the morning of the install we let them.

We found this while moving furniture... Don't judge, I know you y'all have kids and you will be surprised what you find! Just look! :)

Our sad living room. Carpet was only 6 years old. Yikes!

Our bedroom, before!

Our dining room during...

More stuff...

Awe, this brought tears to my eyes! CARPET!

After... my crazy friend and neighbor brought her Dyson over to break the carpet in! We had great carpet lines!

Kids are trying it out... still has new carpet smell!

Kenni's room... after!

Our wedding anniversary is coming up- we decided to get new sheets and comforter for our bed! So pretty! What an awesome, well needed, change for our well loved and lived in home!

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