Saturday, March 24, 2012

iphone pictures...

10am on Saturday morning and Mia is tuckered out... coming off of Spring Break, her schedule has been crazy. But I sure don't mind the extra cuddles this morning! Never to busy to sit and hold my peanuts.

At the movies... a group of friends went to see, "Hunger Games" last night! A great movie. I read the books, Dustin has not. We both enjoyed the experience. I loved how close to the book they stayed- lots of details left out of course, but awesome movie.

Kenni's first trip to the ER. She was walking with Dustin in a parking lot and decided to throw a fit. She didn't want to hold D's hand and went limp. When she did her arm popped and she started screaming. We watched her for a while, she still wouldn't move her left arm without crying. We took to her to the ER, got a x-ray done, and popped her arm back into place. The doctor was very supportive and assured us that this was very common. She even showed me how to pop her arm back in case it happens again.

Our front door...
We came back from our overnight to our front door looking like this. Nothing else appeared to be touched but just the door. We still have no idea what happened but glad it was just the door and everything else was just fine. Clean up not so fun... just ask Dustin.

Kendal took her own poopy diaper off then went to sleep! So gross. This kid and her diapers have truly driven me crazy. Luckily she doesn't do it as much as she used to. My glam life as a mom!

My childhood house. This was the only house I knew. We had to pack everything up and sell it when my mom had her stroke. I still drive by it every once and a while to see how it is doing. Dustin and I moved into into the garage when we were first married. We lived there for the first year of our married life!

Kadyn's class had chickens hatch. We got to see them at the book fair/open house night! Kadyn was excited to show them off.

At the SHES book fair... Mia

At the SHES book fair... Kadyn

At the SHES book fair... Gaby (she was not happy because she had to do her history presentation and wear a dress)

Yes, I am a dork. I bought a Hunger Games shirt to wear opening day of the movie!

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