Friday, March 30, 2012

iphone pictures...and randoms.

Monday night on the way to dance Kk was so tired. First day back to school and dance after a week off. This kid never sleeps during the day... she was out.

Last weekend we attended to b-day parties for daycare peanuts. Both of my little friends turned 4 this year... so bittersweet! Mia was at a tea party for Ms E's party then went to Going Bonkers for Ms M's. party. Mia had a great time and loved celebrating her friends.
Getting ready to play dress- up. The girls from daycare were all there. It warms my heart that they are all friends (most days) outside of daycare. My little girl club...(minus A and E that were somewhere)

We had a most awesome week off but as great as the time off was I was ready to get back to our normal. It has been tough this week as I just got out of habit. I finally feel like I am somewhat caught back up now with house, life, laundry, schedules, ect. It's a great feeling.

Soccer is in full swing. The girls have games every weekend. Both teams are really doing well. Kadyn is not a "in your face" soccer player however she almost made a goal last week. My mommy side just wants to get one goal to feel the success. She did well and kicked the ball a lot which is out of her comfort. She is getting there. Gaby had a great game last night as well. Took 2 really strong kicks for goals but just were blocked. She is more aggressive and I really love it. I know, so bad! Her team still plays all positions however Gaby does mainly goalie and defender. I really love watching them play. Plus, they play in Spring and Fall. It's never horribly hot and it allows us to have our summers off.

Report cards came out for for the older peanuts. Kadyn went up last quarter in reading but went back down again this quarter. I feel like I am failing her as a parent. I am seeking advice on what our next step should be, again. I have had plenty of friends say, "it just clicked for my kid in 2nd grade". I am holding onto this. I hope it is just a stage, a rough start, or something. Kadyn just struggles with this subject. I hated reading as well- still not a top 5 favorite thing for me even as an adult. School was always a struggle for me and I just pray that she doesn't follow in my foot steps.

Our church activities are coming to an end for the school year. Our last night at Cubbies is the 11th and then awards are the 18th. I am in the middle of planning a carnival for some pretty cute 3-5 year olds. I avoided starting the planning for this until yesterday. This task just daunted me. I even had a horrible dream about it. But, I made my list, ordered some fun stuff, and I feel more prepared. Not totally out of the woods yet but it's getting there. This was my first year as director for the Cubbies. It was such a learning experience. I love the leadership role, teaching, and preparation side of it. It was also time consuming, stressfull when people couldn't make it, and lot's of problem solving. But, God is good and it always worked out.

My weight journey is just that, a journey. As I have taken a more simply approach to our family life I have done the same with my weight loss. I am not wearing my arm band any more for calories burn. I simply report my food and work outs on my phone and go from there- so simple and easy. Last week I also gave up pop and bumped my calorie intake down. I weigh in Monday- we'll see how it goes. Food seems to be my form of comfort. I need to find other ways to deal with my period week, stressful times, and times that I am bored. Food is not the answer. I find I am more active now that it stay light out longer. We are outside more and I love it. Hopefully by simplifying my approach to working out, the weight will simply come off! I can always hope!

Next weekend Gaby and I are doing a 2 mile run. We have started to practice this week. I don't care about our time, if we run or walk, or how we do. I am excited that is she doing this with me. I am proud that she is spending the time training for it so she can be a healthy growing girl as well. I am so emotional that this is our first run together. I hope it isn't our last. I hope she will enjoy working out and being active like I do. It's not always about just losing weight-it's about being healthy and she is at such a great age to be learning this.

Another Gaby note- she did break my heart by telling me she doesn't want to play violin or any musical instrument anymore. I was crushed. Dustin and I have a great love for music and it was such a huge part of our lives growing up. I am missing her first concert at the end of this month. I will be away for a training. Another reason I am crushed. I was hoping this would not be her only concert. I asked for help from one of our musical friends at church that she looks up to. I am hoping between his influence and support she will think more on doing band or strings.

I am switching from a PC to Mac. It is for the nursery job but it is still a little scary since I will need to re-learn so much. Dustin LOVES his Mac. Before making the choice to switch, my loving and patient husband sat down with me for a Mac course. I am up for the challenge. Since we slow down in summer, I will have some free time to watch videos, and play around on it. Then I will be ready to go for fall when all the church studies/programs jump into full swing. I am grateful for to chance to get the computer and start learning about it... I think!

Well, it's Friday afternoon, the weather is beautiful. I count my blessings every day and even having a few minutes to blog about my random thoughts is one of them. Hope you have a great weekend and check back soon to see what the Peanuts are up to as we start a new month full of new concepts and themes!

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