Thursday, May 27, 2010

random thoughts...

Summer is in full swing around here... next week some of the kids' schdule for daycare will be different, we added some new friends, and we getting ready for some real fun.

Yesterday I made labels for cubbies and helper badges. I have an older group that will really like doing the help/job thing so we are running with it.

We had Kendal's 4mo check up yesterday and it was pretty discouraging. She is my longest breastfed baby. Our Dr was less then supportive when she saw her stats. Kenni is 10lbs 9oz (3%) and 17% for height. Our Dr asked that I start waking her up at night to feed her again (she has been sleeping through the next for 1 1/2 days now), and to do weekly visits at the clinic again! Just a little frustrated I guess!

We bought a small pool tonight... every summer we get some type of pool, water toys or something for the girls. They live in the water during summer break. They are also looking forward to swim lessons at the end of July!

I am obsessed with watching the reruns of Beverly Hills 90210. Tonight they had Matthew Perry on before he was on Friends. Funny to relive all the drama of West Bev High. I heart Brandon. Growing up I was even in the fan club!

Gaby's softball team played in their first tournament this past weekend and they rocked it. They won all three games and played in the final game for 1st place. They did end up in 2nd but they have come a long way since last year!
Kadyn played softball last night. She is hitting off the pitcher which is huge for her- she always ended up on the tee last year! Last night she made it back home for 2 scores! Go Peaches!

Dustin is getting ready for July 3rd (the new July 4th) party. He is picking everything up Saturday!

This weekend I will be hitting some daycare projects pretty hard! I have been to a few sales and spent my grant money. Here is a sneak preview of one of my goodies... It has all of the concepts that we discuss during circle time. I am excited about this! I'll post more after this weekend!

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