Monday, May 17, 2010

random thoughts...

This is a super duper busy week... softball, my friend is having a baby, graduation party for daycare, dance practices for recital, making some meals for friends, 10th anniversary... this is all on top of our normal work/life week! I hope I can keep up with my calendar! Geez!

Last night we had chicken burritos, rice, and cantaloupe. We ate an entire cantaloupe at one meal... crazy! That is good but it is still crazy!

Have I mentioned we are having a party? For my peanuts that are going to kindergarten? I am excited... any reason to eat, dance, celebrate and give gifts.
This is my kiddos goodie bag for our last official day of preschool". I think they'll like it!
Ants are everywhere... this happens very year, all around our neighborhood. It still drives me nuts. I am excited the bug guy is coming tomorrow to make my house ant free again! Yuck!

I am waiting, not so well, I might add for my grant info. If I got it, how much, if my purchases are approved... I am not a good waiter by any means. God is probably laughing at me right now because I suck at waiting!

I do like taking feet pictures. (of babies and kids- adult feet are just yucky)
Here is Mia sporting her new sandals. I just loved them and Mia is proving to be my shoe kid! Which will probably be in her favor since I love to buy shoes... that's my girl!

I am still nursing miss Kendal. I was asked about it at a party this weekend. When I said yes, I was told, "wow, the money you are saving by not using formula". Then I started thinking...not really. Breastfeeding is just as costly if not more... there are the boob pads so you won't leek, milk storage bags, More Milk Plus supplement, nursing bras, and a pump. Now, I know that the bras and pumps I don't buy every month but the rest I do... so really, I am just doing it because I love this kid, not because it is cheaper!

I finally ordered snap shot pictures of Kendal, scrapbooking supplies, and now I am ready to slowly start working on this girls' album!

I am so excited about Date Night this Thursday! D and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary! We are going out and the kids are staying with my in laws so we can do dinner! I even bought a dress. I haven't done that in forever!

Kenni is sporting some new hair accessories. Mia has a brown hat like this one, I am in love with them! I only have one for her- I made myself stop. But she looks so cute.
And she'll be sporting these fun hair extras when we get Family pictures taken in June!

This picture was taken at my sister in laws high school graduation. Kenni was the talk of the town there! Lot's of fun and family time.

I am looking into getting some Reebox shape up shoes. As much as I am on my feet running around, why shouldn't I get a tight booty in the process. We'll see... I have a coupon and I am going back and fourth on the purchase!

I am off on Friday! Gaby has field day at school and then I will have the afternoon to relax and spend time with the younger 3 girls. Hard telling what we'll do! Maybe tap a nap! =)

Well, I guess that is enough rambling for one day! Happy Monday!

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