Thursday, May 6, 2010

random thoughts...

This week has just been a crazy week at home, work, and activities. We are keeping up it is just tiring keeping up. I am certainly feeling it today. Last night we had awards night for Awana's then a late game for Gaby. The girls didn't get baths last night and went to bed close to 10pm. Yes, on a school night!

On the days Gaby doesn't get baths, what do we do... send her to school stinky. Just kidding! We totally wash her hair in the sink and we sponge bath it. Hey, don't be a hater, everyone has been there, done that! It works. Maybe a little unconventional, but it works!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kendal. We are getting 3mo. pictures of her for her book and to scrapbook. The adorable outfit was given to us from Aunt Kara. Love it!
This week is Teacher Appreciation week. The older girls helped me put together goody bags for their wonderful teachers that do so much for them. They were simple... bottle of pop, M&M's, skittles, and gum. The teachers really liked them and they know how much we really do appreciate them!

On the other end of that, I have gotten some goodies for the same week... I love that my parents see me as a teacher for their child. I am spoiled. I really do have a great group of kids and parents... thank you!

So. Dustin and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this month. I have been leaving hints as to how we are celebrating and what my gift was. We had toyed with a mini weekend to somewhere or a cruise but shortly after that conversation we found out we were going to have Kendal, slight change of plans. I am bursting at the seems to celebrate the last 10 years of my life with Dustin. I can't wait to share what we are doing...

This week was the last week of Cubbies and Sparks (Awana). The girls have had some awesome leaders... so I dusted off my craft supplies and we made some cards for them. It was so much fun getting some crafting time. It is a must to squeeze this time in. I still haven't even touched Kenni's scrapbook... how bad is that??? At least I have pictures for it though!
Gaby has started calling Kendal, "Kendi". I like it. I can decide what nickname to stick with. She might have several like all of my other children. It cracks me up that I rarely call my kids by their name.

We are looking forward to our sister graduating from SHHS this month. She has her party Friday and the ceremony the following weekend. I still am having a crazy hard time thinking she is old enough to be in high school let alone a senior.

Here is what family pictures look like at the Fluke's. Nuff Said!

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