Wednesday, May 14, 2014

 Last week we wrapped up Kendal's year at Bright Circle with a field trip to the zoo and preschool concert. Dad went to the cookout and zoo then we both saw her concert. Aunt Kara came over to braid her hair so she would look nice and put together.

Kendal did a great job on Thursday night. I could really hear her singing. She loved going to school 2x a week and it was a good balance for her first year. Next year she will be attending SHES as a peer model for their preschool program. Kadyn and Mia both went through this program and I am excited Kendal will experience it as well. It will be 4x a week in the afternoons. I love the PM spot so I can grateful it worked out.

Yesterday this little boy turned one. I dislike it when people say, "where has the time gone?". But I am at a loss of words to describe where my year went?  I look back at his pictures and I see that time was spent laughing, loving, holding, napping, feeding, folding, cleaning, and mom"ing". I know where the year went. I have his memories and pictures that remind me where it went. It still went by too fast. I remember holding him while he slept and his little hand grabbing my shirt while we cuddle. I want to enjoy every day as I know he is our last (unless Dman's procedure didn't take), and while this year was spent being a mom to this incredible little person, it still went by way too fast!

My Mother's Day picture for 2014 was taken around 8pm, not in our pretty church clothing but on the trampoline as we ended the day! Qman was in his PJ's, I had no bra on (now you're looking to see if you can tell), Gaby smelled, and Kadyn's hair was crazy and well... that sums it up.

Mother's Day is not my favorite holiday. I think if we are doing our jobs as wives, moms, daughters we shouldn't need one day to say, "I love you mom". So, Dustin and I really do not make a big deal of this day. But... here is it Mother's Day 2014, my first Mother's Day as a mom to 5 awesome, rock star type kids!

Our family celebration for Qman. A friend made a cake for Quentin so we would have cake on his actual birthday. After Gaby had drum lessons and Mia had dance we had a fun time singing and giving Q his gift from us. He was getting mad... he wanted his CAKE! 

Tonight Mia and I started to read her "Read to Me Bible". I wanted to know how much she could do on her own. The creation story was eight pages long and she rocked it. Stumbling on a couple of words only. This makes my heart so happy that she is on target and loves to read.

 I try so hard not to have Gaby help "parent" the younger kids. If we ask her to babysit, we pay her, ect. I don't want her to grow up too fast and I want her to act and be a kid as long as she can. Tonight we went to Sam's Club and I have 4 out of the 5 kids. Dustin took Kadyn to soccer and because of our schedule I had to get party supplies tonight after having dental work done. So, with my mouth hurting, I am trying to get in and out as fast as I can. Kendal exclaims, " I need to poop". Agh! Gaby took her to the bathroom so I could finish getting items. Then Qman was getting fussy so Gaby carried him and entertaining him so I could finish. Her heart is big. She is a kind and loving kid (when her hormones are in full force) and I was so thankful for her random acts of awesomeness as we were shopping. I couldn't have made it through the shopping trip without her!

So... our reward??!! Cheap dinner at Sam's where everyone had greasy pizza and hotdogs!

This is where I had my root canal done this AM. I finally went to a dentist after putting it off for a couple of years! I don't recommend that at all. My first appointment was the root canal. My second appointment will be a crown and filling, and my third will be a filling possibly another root canal. I know it will pass but boy, I hate the dentist.  I am still in discomfort from this morning and stressing about the next appointment. 

This chick has 7 more days until she is a middle schooler...this blows my mind more then Qman turning one! Today they toured the middle school and she is excited for the new school year to start. Monday she tried out for the middle school drumline/band. I pray she makes it as I know she will love band and music just as Dustin and I did/do.

Little man eatting at the toddler table. I love it. He watches all the big kids and wants to do what they do.

As we approach summer,  I am trying to get summer school lessons ready for Kadyn. I feel like she has made some good progress and I don't want to see her go backwards. This will be a challenge for me as I feel like summers we become lazy on our routine.

As we wrap up the year, it is bitter sweet. Gaby goes to middle school, Kadyn's teacher of 2 years is on maternity leave, and I loose some amazing kids to school and new schools. I am looking forward to our summer but sad to say good bye's. I love my daycare families and their kids as my own. Kadyn has LOVED having 2 of her classmates get on the bus with her- she had grown closer to them this year because of the before school care. This kids are just great kids. And my time with them is coming to an end.

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