Wednesday, May 21, 2014

 Qman and his buddy L. Both one year old's now.
 Bus stop kiddos, minus a couple. It's been a fun year and I will miss these guys coming over everyday to catch the bus.
 This is my favorite Kindergarten tradition that our school does. The teachers keep certain projects from each month and put this portfolio together. It was fun to get Gaby and Kadyn's out to look through through as well.  A huge thank you to everyone how works hard to do this. It means so much to this momma!!!
 Kendal is... well. Kendal. She has a tee shirt on, a long sleeve shirt on, then a dress, then a dress up dress while wearing tights and boots! Did I mention it was 90 degrees out?? Whateves...
 This AM I had some goofy 3rd graders putting on a puppet show for us.
 Our new movie... we bought this so we will be prepared for when Aunt Kara is in the show this summer! We are excited to see her in it.
 Just a little selfie before dance! Kadyn is doing tap and hip hop this year! She is really wanting to competition so we are seeing if we can budget the time and the money. I am excited she loves dance so much and think it will take her far if she keeps up with it. 
 Monday night walk... I had a partner to join me. Actually, I like going alone however this little man is teething and is a little cranky so he got voted off the island and came with me. It turned out to be a nice time and we both enjoyed the time out.
Before the bus... Em was helping prep lessons for the day as the others were coloring.

This Thursday will be a tough day. I am saying good bye to 4 kids (one I will keep during the summer and one will drop in). This year two of my families will go to a new school. When our district re-drew school boundaries to help with over populated schools, there was no plan that kept our neighborhood and theirs going to our current school. These families will be missed. a lot. With a heavy heart, I wish Isaac, Easton, Kate and Emily the best of luck next year! They are outstanding kids will be awesome no matter the school. Love you guys and visit us often. Qman and I say so!

Nolan and Ashlyn are going to Kindergarten. Nolan (and his sister M) have been coming over a year. They joined us from another provider. Nolan will be going to SHES with Ashlyn. Ashlyn and her family have been coming to Peanut Gallery for 7 years. Good byes are not my thing but I know these two kids will add some spunk and sass to the school next year. And I can't wait to see how they make Kindergarten rock.

Landon's last day is Thursday too. I met his family through church and Cubbies. I was blessed to see him during our week through daycare and at church through Cubbies. He is moving on to a 5 year old class at another center! He is going to have a great time with older kids. He will do well in his new class as well. I can't wait to see how he owns it.

Daycare is personal. It is an extended part of our family! This time is so bittersweet. We are loosing some great kids. But as we loose some, we are adding some. I can't wait to introduce you to some fun kids in the next couple of weeks. So stay tune!

To my parents... Thank you for this past year and many more. Dustin and I have had a great time watching over, teaching, and watching your child grow into the person they are today! It is an awesome feeling to see how far they have come from when they have started. Our door is always open and please keep in touch! We love you guys and your kids!!!

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