Monday, October 28, 2013

trunk or treat

 Yesterday we went to my mom's church and our church for Trunk or Treat. Quentin went as a member from Duck Dynasty. I personally have never seen the show but Gaby's 6th grade class is doing the how as a theme. So, we put together Q-man's outfit from a gift my dad bought him, the camo onesie, bass pro hat, and booties. Aunt Kara made him a beard to attach to his hat!

 Little man was tuckered out. While at our church, three people stopped us and snapped a picture of our bearded baby!
 Kadyn went as Vanellope from the movie, Wreck It Ralph. She came up with the idea on her own. Her outfit was a fun one to put together! We bought tights and skirt online, jacket from Walmart, and sprayed her hair black. I thought she looked super cute!!! 

 Mia is wearing a hand me down from Gaby. (Thank goodness- Halloween is NOT cheap) She was happy to act out Spider-girl all night! She was a super cute super hero!
 My Halloween Clan... Gaby in her watered down Duck Dynasty outfit. She didn't want a beard, so, there ya go!

 Kendal is a dancing fairy aka reusing a recital outfit, bought wings, and wore a mask outfit!

Dustin and Kadyn in the line...

We had a great turn out at our TBC trunk or treat. It was a great night and loved seeing all the fun trunks. Good job guys!!! 

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