Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Randoms...

 I posted tonight on FB that Kadyn and I worked on math facts, reading, and sight words. It took over an hour to get everything done. I am not complaining, well, maybe a little. This girl never did so why should I? We got home from dance at 8pm and worked until 9:05pm. Now that soccer is done for the fall, we will have 2 hard core nights like tonight then 3 more relaxed ones at home. I am hoping those relaxed nights will keep me motivated to help keep Kadyn motivated! I made a nightly check off list for each child to help me keep on target for them. They might not always have homework from school but we are trying to do our best work on things from home as well. Trying is the key word.

It was nice that Gaby helped me out. I paid her .50 to do Mia's sight words and two books. That was a huge time saver too! I don't ask for help much so I was happy when she stepped up to do it.

This week friends of ours move out of town. I hate saying good bye and it isn't too far from us. But it is still a move, they won't be at church each week, and they won't be in Topeka. I am not sure why this change seemed to hit me so hard. Probably because as an adult is it harder to find friends that are in the same stage of life as we are. So, when you do, you want to hang on to them tight. They are a great family, our kids got along, and we didn't care if our homes were clean when we hand hang out times. They are a busy family as well so we knew when we did get to hang out it was a meaningful time. They are following God's signs and it is awesome to watch as their family is doing something I think as drastic. I am in awe and humbled by this move they are taking. I wish them the best of luck and they know I will be texing a lot more to make up for the fact I won't see them weekly!

This past week we had kids' conferences at school. We even had one on Kendal for her preschool. Each teacher had such different comments for our children. I think it is neat to see how we can strive to raise our kids the same yet have 5 totally different personalities. Gaby's teacher really embraces her creative side. Her peers give her praise for her out of the box way of thinking. I thought it was great that Gaby is one of two kids that make it to the end of the squat challenge that they use for brain breaks. Her teacher and her go head to head as well. Gaby is doing great... and with little effort! School just comes easy to her- a talent I pray she doesn't take for granted! Kadyn's conference wasn't too bad as well. We keep in contact with her teacher a lot so there wasn't too many surprises. Not much to update on her yet- we are still in the early stages of testing for a learning issue. Then there is Mia! My hot mess Mia! Her conference was actually good as well. She tested good on her sight words for Kindergarten and still needs to work on number words. She is somewhat quite which cracks me up. She is still so unorganized which is not a trait she gets from me but we are working on that! Kendal is on track for preschool. She is coming out of her shell at school, they said she is a gem to have in class. Overall, I was super pleased with how the night went. After we picked the kids up, we went to get icecream as a reward.

I am racking my brain on how to make the holiday's simple. We have so many people we would LOVE to get gifts for but just can not. I would love to make something but not anything that someone has to dust or help clutter up their homes. I am just at the point where I am not sure we are focusing on the real reason of Christmas and I want to make sure we are teaching our children that it isn't about gifts.

I love how God places new people in your life at the right time. I chatted with a mom at our Parent's Day Out program about her weight loss journey. We shared stories and it was amazing to hear I am not the only one going through weight loss struggles. It was motivating to keep going and keep trying. I also met a outstanding couple through Cubbies. I instantly clicked with them and love their heart for the little kids they are leading each week. I can't wait to see how the rest of the year works out for them.

A hubby shout out: Dustin is taking on a huge Christmas project at our church. This will add a little more to his plate but he is passionate about this project!  This will be done on top of  teaching the daycare kids on my nursery morning out, getting daycare projects around the house complete before inspection, parenting our kids, homework, transporting ect. I know this will all work out and he will do great! Just a shout out to an awesome man, I get to call my husband. I love how big his heart is and I am excited he has taken this on. Love you Babe!

Two weeks ago on FB I found out that a person I went to elementary school with had a stroke. Yep, a stroke. He is my age. Now that puts things in perspective for me. As most of you know my mom had a stroke at the age of 49. Just reading his struggles, the DR lingo, and their struggles brought back a flood of memories for me. It was 8 years ago but it seems like yesterday. All the details, support, meals, and drives to Kansas City all came back to me. It scares me. I hated that time in our life. I still do. That year sucked... in one night my mom's life was turned upside down. I would love to see how her life, our life would be if she hadn't had that stroke. Would she still be in her home on her own? Would be still in an apartment? Would she still be watching our kids? It would be interesting to see how things would have been. I look back on the last 8 years and I don't regret them, I wouldn't change them.  It made Dustin and I stronger. It made our kids compassionate. I just wish my mom could have had a full recovery. I still pray for that for her! It was 8 years ago this month that we brought my mom home from KU medical center and had her living in our kitchen in our 4-bedroom apartment.

As I think about my friend fighting for his life, my mom and her struggles the last 8 years, it makes me want to change. I have always struggled with my weight. However now, I have 2 big reminders that I can not take this life I have for granted. I need to get off my rear and make a healthy life for my family. I can no longer give excuses because strokes, cancer, diabetes all run in our family. Now is the time to keep doing what I have started.

I have already lost my Q-man weight. Now it is time to keep going. I have 25 more pounds to go before my first big goal. I am doing workouts from home, walking outside, and doing the treadmill in the garage. The past couple of weeks have been a wake up call. I will lose my weight, I will live a healthier life, and I will be a role model for my kids. If anyone wants to join me... let me know! I love sharing my progress as it helps me to keep going.

Here are some oldies... 

 This is between child #2 and 3...
 After child #3...

 The workout I am trying this week, thanks to a friend... It is put on by the guy that does p90x. It was a good workout and it was only 25 minutes long. I am hoping to get it done during nap time each day. I have made the commitment... again... to get this weight off!
One of my skinny pictures. This was mother day of 2009. I was at my lowest weight and felt great. Two weeks later I found out I was preggers with Kendal, child #4. After Kendal was born I tried and failed several times to get the weight off. Now that Quentin is here, he is my last, I am ready to get healthy! And stay Healthy. I hope you will join me, keep reading my updates, and maybe just maybe I will help motivate someone else who is a busy mom, loves her kids, madly loves and adores her hubby and just wants to be around to live a long and healthy life!

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