Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Family catch up

 Mia started Kindergarten this year. She is already bringing home books to read. She really enjoys working on her homework each night. We go over her sight words and read a sight word book. It cracks me up when she tries to sound a word out. She'll go, "Fa, Fa, Fa... apple".  She  is trying and I love it.
 My little buddy... He is 5 months now. He is holding his head wonderfully, still loves to cuddle, rolling over, and is now sleeping in his crib in his own room. I had to switch all of his summer outfits to fall and it was fun to look for more outfits. I love dressing him up!
 Sunday night Kadyn started, "Family Movie Night". We have a simple meal of left overs and popcorn. Last Sunday we watched, The Crood's". It was a super cute movie. We were all watching it for the first time- one of us didn't make it! I love how Kendal cuddled up to Dustin! Such a daddy's girl.
 Last week I posted about Kadyn and her struggles. After sharing her journey, we received a ton of comments, emails and texts of encouragement, prayers, support, and shared stories. It was so neat to see how we are not alone. One of the things we work on with Kadyn is her weekly spelling list. So, we were all super excited when she brought this test score home!

 This past weekend my dad and mom made it out to Mia, Kadyn, and Gaby's last soccer games. It was nice to have them cheering the girls on.

 Friday Kendal went to a preschool screening at our school. She attends a program now 2x days a week in the afternoons so she can get out and go to "school". She was excited and did well. We won't find out until Spring if she will make it as a peer but hoping she does.
 Two weekends ago, Dustin's sister got married. They served breakfast food as the dinner. The kids said it was the best wedding ever because of the food choice. This picture shows what happens when the 8 year old goes down to the buffet for seconds unattended to. A plate full of bacon! *Sigh*

Our silly picture while we were getting ready... this is more us anyway! Love my girls!

Happy Tuesday!

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