Monday, April 19, 2010

This week we are talking about healthy foods, food groups, and doing all types of food activities.
We started our morning by playing in our new "center", The Peanut Gallery Store". It had a register, sacks for bagging, food, and play money! The kids love it when I change up our environment and they loved this register!

We talked about the food groups and we went into our "store" and sorted our foods out by groups. We paid for our food, and even made pretend balanced meals. We had a blast this morning!

After our learning activities were finished, the kids had free time. I could not get them away from our new little store! They loved playing here.
For art we worked on a food collage of our favorite foods. Thanks to Dillons who had a ton of ads I stole, the kids loved discussing, cutting, and gluing all of their favorite foods on their paper!

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Dawn Estes said...

Ooooh - great idea - stealing store ads to have lots of food pics! Dillons - here I come!! :o)