Thursday, April 8, 2010

random thoughts...

Yesterday I had 7 fillings done on my left side of my mouth and I am still sore... You would think I wouldn't be eating because of the pain, well that hasn't stopped me.

I am getting serious, people! I have some personal goals that are kicking my butt right now. I am not a lay down and let things happen to me so I am doing something about them and hope to see results soon. I have the motivation to do my goals, I just need to make them a priority just as I do my kids, my husband, and my work.

I *heart* this spring weather we are having. However, it is making it extremely hard to get anything done because really all we (me and the daycare kids) want to do is play outside. So, to meet in the middle, we still do circle time, books, music time... just outside. I feel some crafts can wait for the rainy days ahead!

I met a friend out at Gymboree and spent my awesome coupons. I am so excited at Mia's summer loot. No, Mia is not my favorite child but I like going to Old Navy/Target for the older 2 girls and Gymboree for Mia who then will pass them down to Kendal. I did pick up some sale items for Kenni too. It's hard to buy for her b/c if I buy for her age- it is way too big but if I buy for now, what if she does decide to grow... Oh well. I love shopping for my girls!
I took KK and J to preschool this afternoon in a spit up soaked shirt. I was cutting it close and didn't have time to change. I even let them out of the car to wait on the sidewalk so no one would see my shirt, but then one of my daycare moms from the school saw it... Yikes, I look like a slob today!

Next week is Kadyn's Kindergarten round up!!! Oh my, I tear up just thinking about it. It was emotional sending Gaby to school, but KK is a little different. She is my daughter that I have been home with since she was 5 mo. old. Everyday, for better or worse, I have been with her. She is a challenging, speak her mind, sassy little girl. And, I will miss her when she is at school.

On the way home, I stopped and got a diet drink from Sonic and cheese tots. So, my lunch was cake and tots. Real good for the diet today!!! Oh, but it was so yummy!

Why did I have cake in the house??? Because, I had to use up the rest of my frosting that I made for my niece's cake. So, I baked another cake so I could not waste the left over frosting. Makes total sense to me. It was yummy frosting.
I am full for summer care-knock on wood! I even have all of my school aged spots filled which is a first for me. I have already started a list of things I want to get for daycare to help make their time here more fun and geared for older kids!

And... I am pretty sure I have my spots fill for fall. Any of my daycare friends know what stress this can be. I am losing 4 of the best kids to kindergarten in August. It is sad- I have gotten to watch them grow up to the preschoolers they are now. It will be an adjustment to see them leave. However, it is a blessing to know things are lining up, a new group of friends will be made, and new adventures will be starting.

Just as I said, having openings is stressful, if anyone you out there live up North and need care, one of my great friends is going through the same turn around with kids going to school... visit her blog,! You'll see we are a lot alike. She is an awesome lady!

This week my goal is to get grant pushed out for review for my coach. One of my big things I want to get is more storage for my daycare closet. Here is one of my ideas... I am so excited about it however Dustin is not since he is my handy man that will be putting everything together! Hopefully- with a lot of sweet talking!
Here is a sneak peek of the kids' recital gear. The night we got them we had to run home and change into them. I love them. Well, most of them. Gaby's second outfit, has these feathers and even trying it on, they came off everywhere. So, that means a lot of cleaning after she has been in this. But, I think they look cute!

Okay- enough randoms... remember those goals I was talking about--- I need to get to work on them!


Dawn Estes said...

Tearing up here. Thanks for thinking of me and promoting me. Love you. 'Nuff said!

Caroline said...

You are busy busy.
I love gymboree and I get to go tomorrow and use my gym bucks, super excited!
Where do the girls take dance and do you like it? I was thinking about putting Taylynn in it, but it is pretty pricey right?