Thursday, April 8, 2010

my favorite pictures of this week...

Waking Mia up at 6:30am on Easter morning when I thought it was 7:30...Oops!

Gaby and Kadyn all dressed up in their Easter dress attire and playing the Wii.
(The Easter Jesus as KK called it, brought them Wii games instead of candy)

My big lil' Kenni tried the bumbo sit out for the first time. She was able to do it for about 8 minutes before dropping her poor ol' baby head! She is 10 weeks old and 8lbs 3oz. We're growing!!!

I am in love with baby feet which is really weird since I can't stand grown up feet!
All of my girls have long bendy toes... it is truly a Fluke thing. I can't do it.
Anyway... these are my favorite pics of the week.

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