Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More on food week...

We are continuing our discussions about food groups. Today we broke it down and talked about vegetables.
We made a sweet potato guy. We added eyes and a nose and he is living in water so he can grow some "hair". The kids love to check on him often.
I am all kinds of excited about this week... even though I have a lot of food and kitchen items, I picked up a few more things from my favorite money sucker store... Walmart!

We had 2 baskets of fruits and veggies. Our mission was to sort them by food group, then color, then size. My kids rocked at this activity!
We then used cucumbers, mushrooms, and peppers to do art. We used the veggies as our stampers and made fun food collages. We saved some of the veggies and ate them for morning snack. I was surprised that most of them like eating the mushrooms!

We finished up the day by going on a food hunt! I hid a certain food and when they found it they had to tell me which food group it belonged too. What a fun way to play a game and learn at the same time!

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