Thursday, January 22, 2015

Open House Is coming Up

 Well... My Norwex Open House is almost here... we have displays, we have snacks, we have a prize basket and we have an (almost) clean house. I am as ready as I will be. Now I just hope people are planning to come.  Here are some pictures of the displays. I had fun putting them together!!!

 Product baskets are ready for sale... and if you find a basket you like, you get free basket/packaging that the product combo is in. (In my favorite colors of course)

 Norwex came out with some new products like a shower gel and body body. They also made some more improvements to previous products. I am excited to show them all off and do some demos on why this product is just awesome.

 My DVD rack turned into an inventory display. Lots of cloths, packages, and dusting mitts ready to find a new home!
My cleaner display. I am in love with their cleaners... kitchen, oven, bathroom, mattress... they have it all!

I hope you will come by tomorrow and see why I love these chemical free cleaning products!!! The open house is 6pm-8pm, you can come and go as you please!
Awesome surprises throughout the night...

There will also be a Young Living Essential Oils Representative as well.  You can learn how to use oils on their own or with Norwex products such as dryer balls.

Hope you can make it... Let me know if you need my address! See you tomorrow.


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