Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's been a while...

 I guess it has been a while since I have blogged... this may be the longest I have gone. The last post was November 8th. Yikes. We are still alive and doing well. A lot has happened since November 8th.
We welcomed our first teenager to the house... Gabrielle Renee turned 13. Wow. I seriously took this hard. It did seem like yesterday we were bringing her home to our 2 bedroom townhouse. Gaby really has made this transition a good one. Besides being lazy and a little crazy a day before her you know what starts, she is a great kid. And a great teenager. True to life she has spoiled us as we don't have much drama with friends, she is doing well in school, and she is laid back.  She had her first Jazz band concert where she played the set. We were all so excited for her!

Thanksgiving went well as we hosted the Fluke-Dorsett side. Then later that weekend went to Dustin's dad's house for a meal there. It's always fun to get a break from work, school routine, and have more family time. LOVE!

We moved into the holiday season full force. We had extra projects like computer side jobs for Dustin, Light show commitments, and Christmas concerts... all good things. Just added to the craziness of Christmas. We always close daycare for Christmas break. It is an awesome way to end our year. We tried to do a fun outing each day. The kids were spoiled but not too much for gifts. I really struggled at what is enough for Christmas. We are a big family and I know this season is not cheap. Even 2-4 gifts per child adds up quickly. Our only rule was no electronics.

I love the New Year. It gives me great motivation to look at what works in my life and what may not. This year I made some crazy goals. Yes, I know it is cliche but I like it so who cares. My major top goal is to get fit. I know, another cliche thing but again, who cares. I have been working out pretty regularly since September but then lost a little stem in December. Even though I was working out, my diet was not in line. NOT.AT.ALL. So as of January 1st I started tracking food, which is hard to change, I have failed some days and succeeded others. It is day 21 and I have made it to 18 classes so far. I decided I am not doing a weekly weigh in. I will weigh in when I need to. This is my year. I don't have a weight goal. I want to be a nice looking momma with 5 kids. I don't want to be frumpy grumpy mom. I want to look good for myself (and for Dustin... he is worth it and deserves a healthily wife).

When we returned back to school, work, dance, and church activities it was hard to stay focused on my goals. I came to the realization we need another night at home, as a family, to do school work, ect. Somehow. So, after being a leader and director of Cubbies at church for 6 years, we decided this was going to be my last year. We will probably keep the kids home next year and focus on family time and studies. One night that isn't rushed. It was a hard choice to make. Kadyn was in Cubbies when we started Awana. It has brought our children to Christ. This was a tough tough call. But I know the program will still be in great hands as we transition two co-directors.

Shortly after break was over we had report cards come home. If any of you follow my blog, you will know the struggle we have been through with our middle-oldest child, Kadyn. Report cards are not always my favorite time of the year... however this semester Gaby brought home straight A's for middle school. Kadyn is reading at a 4th grade (fall) level, and Mia is reading 3 levels ahead of where she should be. Praise God!!! Can I just say how thankful I am for these kids. They work hard and boy did it show. Kadyn is so close to being caught up. When we met for her IEP meeting I about cried when her teacher told me where she was at on the reading scale.

I am thankful for people like Mrs. Silky, Ms. Cushing, Mr. Hannah, Mrs. Norman, Mrs. Mullen and Mrs Holguin who have never given up on Kadyn. Who have pushed her and believed in her and have gotten her to where she is. These teachers and support staff have no idea the impact they have made on Kadyn's life and mine as her mother. I am humbled. I know these teachers invested a lot in my girl and she is almost there. Almost where she needs to be. There is no greater joy for me to know how far Kadyn has come. She is strong and these teachers have given her the tools to be successful. There is not enough words, gifts, or money that I could give to say Thank You!!!

We wrapped up one of the craziest weeks of the years... The Fluke Birthday Week. On the 17th Kadyn turned 10. On the 18th Kendal turned 5, and on the 20th Dustin turned 35. We celebrated them all by doing a joint skating party and a dinner out to Hu-Hots. Last night we gave D his gifts and pies. He likes pie better then cake so I bought a sampling of pies for his birthday treats.

Because Dustin is home, I am able to catch different Jazzercise classes here and there. I am so grateful that he helps me so I am able to do this. A couple afternoons he watches daycare so I can do an express class. Without his support my goal would already be gone. I love that guy!!!

This year Kadyn took dancing to the next level. She decided to try out competition dancing. It has been a lot of hard work and practice but so worth it. This weekend is blocking and Showcase. I can not wait to see everything put together... hair, make up, outfits ect. I will always be her biggest fan. I wish everyone at Fuzion the best of luck this Sunday as they practice and perform for 7 hours!!!

Soccer season is coming up... I have missed it. In October I am always ready to be done and by March I am ready to pick it up and cheer on my girls. We will have 4 kids on teams this year.

Nap time is ending, and diapers are needing changed. I better close. If you have missed my daily daycare pictures, I have a FB group. It is a little easier to post there daily. Just let me know if you want to be added so you can get a daily dose of cute kids!

Make it a great year!!! 2015 is my year. How about making it yours!?!

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