Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Prayers please

 So... here we are day two on snow days for school, kids, and daycare. Our driveway had been shoveled 3x yesterday and still was covered this AM. Our awesome-sauce neighbor has used his tracker to clear our driveway twice now. Such a kind thing for him to do- he's got some bread and gift card coming his way!

As I post our pictures from yesterday, I come with a heavy, anxious heart. I don't want to spill out details but if you can pray for our family and some changes that can be coming. I know, vague city. It isn't our health or medical issues.

We try our best as parents to make the best choices possible for our children and our family.  And it is absolutely nerve wracking when others are in a position to make choices for your family and you can't do anything. It's beyond my control, beyond reason, and feels like you are being punished.

 So, to my friends, how read this. Please pray for these changes. Pray for our family. And most of all, pray for my attitude and as it stinks right now. Once more comes out, I will be sure to update. But for know please be praying.

Onto the the things that make me smile...
 Making snow angels with the girls...
 More angels...
Qman's first sled ride.

Thanks for your prayers- I know God has a plan and I hope to understand it soon!

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