Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh what a week...

 I think everyone knows but yesterday we found out that we are having a boy. Everything looked good and the tech was most certain she was seeing boy parts even though I thought it could be a toe, hand or whatever. But, that is why she is "hopefully" good at her job, I can't see what she sees. So, I am taking her at her word and trusting we have a boy in the belly.

We are excited, happy, scared, excited. What a new adventure we are about to be apart of as parents. I will get to experience a entire set of "firsts" and "milestone" with our 5th peanut. That is pretty exciting. With all the excitement comes doubt, fear, and worries. I think of all the ways our family will be changing both positive and not so positive. I try not to dwell on things that I can not change.

We are out of the infant stage. It is nice, I won't lie. We have a crazy, loud, chaotic schedule for our family but it is ours and we love it.  It is hard for me to see this changing. We sleep through the night, another change I am not sure I am ready for. We barely have room in the van as it is and it will be hard to see how adding our infant seat into our van will accommodate 4 already growing girls. 

We don't have maternity insurance for this baby. I am not saying this for pity or to to be felt sorry for. It is just the facts. When we took out our own insurance we knew we were done on the child front so we did not add the maternity package. This is a huge change. Knowing we live to be debt free and now we will have debt is another hard change to grasp. However God has already provided some changes to our family's budget that is allowing us to start saving. It won't be enough when we deliver but at least we are stepping in the right direction. 

I trust our family will adjust to our 5th addition. I trust God has a great plan for our little guy (which is still crazy to say). I trust that God knows my heart as we adjust to some big changes coming. I think back to the bible story I read last week of Noah building the Ark. I always saw it from his point of view. But the day I read it, I wondered about his wife, his kids, and their wives. Noah was given instructions from God. Noah's wife had to believe in Noah and God's plan and his kids had to do the same thing. Everyone that saw Noah building the Ark probably thought he was crazy yet his family still trusted and obeyed. And that is what I am trying to do. Trust and Obey. Some days are harder then others. Every morning I wake up, throw up, and move on with the day! I trust God knows what an awesome little person His is about to bless us with come this Spring.

Here are some other pictures from our sono yesterday... Dustin couldn't come since I didn't have a sub for daycare. So, I took the next best thing with me. Gaby and Kadyn. They were very excited and giddy to come along. They made some funny comments and Kk asked some crazy questions. I let Gaby call dad and tell him our great news. Peanut is healthy and a boy!

I know Dustin would have been great with a girl however I know he is happy for a boy! Like I said, an entire different experience this time around. We have thrown around some names but haven't set anything in stone. We do know the middle name will be Neal which is D's middle name. I am sure we will share when we agree on something. It's so weird because all the names I was throwing out were all girls. I never really entertained a boy name until now!
 He looks like a handsome Fluke to me... I can't wait to see this lil guy. I know (yes, I am patting myself on the back) we have beautiful girls. Now I am anxious to see how we do on boys!  :)

We are starting over... but I think that will be a part of the fun with this peanut. It'll make his experience special. Even since we have found out, we have had calls, texts, FB messages about boy items which is a huge stress relief. We have a great support system of friends and I know this kid will not go without. He will be so loved!!! He already is!

 On to other news... Yesterday was Kadyn's 8th birthday. Her teacher was sweet enough to adjust their day so I could bring treats up and watch Kadyn celebrate her birthday. After she was done, I took her from school and we went to my appt. She had a great time at school- she wanted brownies (which super dad made) and carpi suns. After we got home, she picked where she wanted to eat, the girl wanted Hu Hots for her b-day dinner. We came home and she unwrapped her gifts from mom and dad. Overall, a successful day!  Love this sweet, loving, hard working, 8 year old!!!

Gaby had parent night at Awana TNT. After our group time was over at Cubbies, I ran over to her game roation. It was fun to watch how their club runs each week. Gaby and I did some relays and tossed some beans bags. After 25 minutes of games, I was tired! I had a great time with her.

 Dustin's sister is getting married in October. She is starting to try on dresses and make her choice for her big day! I am a bridesmaid and I am so excited. Last night after Kk's dinner we crashed her appointment at David's bridal. I am pretty sure she didn't choose this one but she looks so beautiful in just about every dress she tried. It was such a neat experience to look at gowns and watch her try them on. She has one more place to go on Saturday and then maybe she'll have her dress!!! Can't wait to see what she ends up with! 

Kendal is 3 years old today... She woke up in a great mood and had a fun morning with her daycare friends. After the big kids come home, she'll unwrap her gifts and go to Pizza Hut (to turn in our free reading coupons) and play. It is so weird to think soon, Kendal will be a big sister! I always imagined her being our last- however she'll be the last of our female peanuts which is still special.
Love our spunky, OCD, attention to every detail 3 year old girl!!! Happy Birthday!
Our week in a nut shell... Happy Friday!!!

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