Monday, January 7, 2013

My don't suck list

Wow, I haven't blogged in forever... well, we were closed for the holiday break and it was awesome. I love having all of my kids home, not feeling rushed, and having practically nothing on our calendar.

So, I love making goals, I also love not to follow through with them. I don't know if it is the new year, new baby coming or just wanting to make some changes. I am not making new year resolutions. I looked at the past year, saw what I wasn't so good at, and made a "don't suck this year" list. It is really all over the board- anywhere from daycare to family to nursery to wife to just about everything.

Here is my 2013 "Don't suck at this" list!!!

We are finishing up potty training Kendal. She is pretty close, she has done most of the hard work her self so I want to push it and finish her off and get her potty trained for good.

I'm going back to my cooking dinners ahead and planning again. The holiday season was horrible for meal planning. My favorite magazine comes out with a yearly cook book and I grabbed the 2013 copy so help keep me motivated to plan out our dinners and fix them ahead of time for our busy weeknights.

Back to working out. I missed several weeks due to not feeling good and wanting to throw up after each Jazzercise class. Well, I have to get back at it. I did a 3 mile walk this weekend and felt good after I was done. I need to be doing something to keep my weight in check. I am excited to get back into my routine.

I started doing a post it/envelope system for our money. We used to do a cash system years ago and did pretty well. I feel the need to get things organized again now that kid #5 is coming. My system is basic and will include a lot of tracking but my goal is not to spend what we don't have... sounds pretty easy to me! :)

Spending more time with kids with homework, school items, and reading... we are still working with Kadyn and her teachers and reading specialist. Kadyn has some super heavy goals set for school and I want to be there to help, support, encourage her to meet her goals. I know I get caught up with home things or housework and I need to put this on the back burner and make sure she is getting her educational needs meet at school as well as at home.

This should be at the top... making time for God's word. I am at an infant level when it comes to my bible knowledge and faith. Even though I know 2013 will be a challenging year, I have signed up for my first bible study (in person one-not online). I will be ready the bible in a year. I know I need it- I want to do it- I just pray I don't suck at it and will continue through it.  Yesterday was the first night I was just too tired to even open my bible up. So, I went to and typed in my chapters and listened to bible being read to me. It doesn't matter how I am doing it as long as I am doing it!!!

These are just to name a few... I know as my year continues I will add more. I hope this time of year makes you stop and think of a few things you don't want to suck at as well.

Happy Sunday (well, when this post, it'll be Monday).

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