Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh the randoms...

 So... I am now entering the maternity clothing stage. I have been avoiding this. I hate maternity clothing. I don't feel cute in them. I hate spending money on something I am only using 4 more months. 

Oh well. I have to. Cause it's that time and nothing (but my jeans) fit any more. 
{Enter Blessing Here} 

I posted on Facebook I was looking for clothing. A friend from church found a "lot" of clothing from Craigs List. $50.00 bought be the above picture... 

A closet FULL of maternity wear. Not all my style but will make do. Cheap and maternity...
I'll take it! 

 While Dustin was fixing dinner tonight, Kenni and Mia were fighting. I gave Kendal a marker and told her to go draw for a little while and gave Mia some space. Kendal was so excited to show us her smiley face. I thought it was pretty cute too!!! 

 I had an early morning appointment on Wednesday. I saw this chart at the OB's office. I thought it was pretty cool. I never know what month I am on based on the weeks... this little thing laid it out perfectly! On Sunday, I'll be 23 weeks. Yes! Keep on moving on. As many as my family and friends know- I don't make a good pregnant person. I don't glow, I don't look cute with a preggers belly, and I don't record every single detail that takes place during the 9 months. {Enter bad mom here} 

Twitter or no twitter... I am seeing who to follow and such. I have had it for about 8 months and I am trying to see if I want to keep it. We'll see! Such important things to ponder, I know. 

I am on day 31 on my bible reading challenge. I am excited that I am caught up. However weekends are tough- not because we have a lot going because I get lazy and so I am trying to do better. Let's see how this Saturday and Sunday goes... I have really enjoyed my time in God's word. 

Moving on... 
I think we have a name picked out. 
Well, we do have a name picked out.
If it sticks until June when I am due, we'll see. 
But, we don't mind sharing the name with you. 
Cause, you never know, it might change. 
Do you know how hard it is to have worked with children, 
for 12+ years and find a name that doesn't bring back some crazy memory?? 
It's tough! 
So, do you want to know what name we are going with as of now??

Quentin Neal Fluke

"The name Quinton is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Quinton is: Born fifth."

We were watching the people choice awards when Quentin Tarantino came to present an award, I saw it, I told Dustin. He liked it too. Then we looked up the meaning, and saw it meant, "born fifth". We took it as a sign. 

Neal is Dustin's middle name. Each of our girls have middle names from grandparents, great-grandparents, and an aunt. I think Dustin is excited his Fluke name will be carried on as well as his middle name. 

So... there you have it! 
Quentin Neal Fluke
(Has a cool kid kinda ring to it, don't ya think???)

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Chrissy Bolze said...

great deal on M clothes! You are wrong though-- you do glow and you do look cute!! happy 23 weeks!

if you could write down your technique of keeping your cool while your children are about to tear each others heads off, I would appreciate it-- in bulleted step form, please ;-) haha

love the name Quentin!! picking the name is difficult! I didn't know what Ben's name would be til the day he was born...middle name came the next day!! lol

thank you for the update!