Thursday, June 3, 2010

random thoughts...

This week we have not been home one night. I kinda miss being at home and looking forward to an evening with no rushing around tomorrow (Friday). Well, besides going to Walmart... does that count?

Mia is almost 2 years. In her little life, we have never left her with anyone other then family. Wednesday night we had an excellent neighbor friend watching Mia so we could enjoy Gaby and Kadyn recital. I had such a hard time leaving her, mom guilt! Mia ended the night with the sitter by throwing up. Luckily, the recital was almost over so not much was missed. Thanks to my neighbors mom, Courtney, she came over and had Mia's mess cleaned up, bedding in the washer, and Mia changed! Thank you again!

Tonight I had Gaby and Kendal at G's softball practice. Kadyn and Mia were with Dustin at the ball diamonds for Kadyn's game. As Gaby practiced, I walked the parking lot at the local high school. It was nice! Kendal kept me company as she would coo and smile as we walked. After about an hour of lapping the same parking lot Kendal went to sleep and I had time to myself. Just walking, and thinking! Thinking and walking! Just a few moments but it was sure grand!

I love how Dustin tucks the girls into bed at night! Then after a few minutes they get out of bed, get water or a snack then asked to be tucked back in again. Even when D is tired and ready for bed as well, he will always walk the girls back down and tuck them into bed again! How blessed are they to have a daddy like that!

I feel like I am so behind lately! We have busier days at daycare (and with my girls being home) so I don't get as much done during nap time. Then with us on the go in the evenings I am just not keeping up! It is driving me crazy. Oh well... what can ya do?

My carpets are just a mess! I have toyed with getting new carpet or just getting my cleaned over and over. It really doesn't make sense to replace it right now since the new carpet would have so much wear and tear because of my job. So... I am calling my friends at Stanley's to come and work their magic and clean my dirty carpet! Ahhh, to have new carpet!

Gaby and Kadyn had their recital last night! I was so proud of my babies.I love watching them dance. I saw them up on stage and it really hit me how big they are getting. What a mom moment! Gaby performed two numbers and Kadyn did one. This was KK's second year and Gaby's first. Gaby isn't sure about dance for next year but Kadyn is already signed up.

We have so much trash for pick up today! I think it is worse then what it was at Christmas! I had all of my trash for all the new daycare stuff and swimming pool trash, and just household trash. Wow, we look bad today!

We are heading out to a Royals game this weekend. The younger 2 are staying home-again the mom guilt but I know they would not enjoy the game. I must say my mother in law is awesome. She is taking them for the day. I know we'll have fun and looking forward to it!

I guess that is enough rambling for now! Chat at ya later!

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