Tuesday, June 1, 2010

random thoughts... daycare time

So this weekend, I totally messed my house up to get all of my "goodies" from my grant put away!

I am pretty sure at one point I wanted to set fire to my house but since there is a fire fighter that lives across the street, I thought that might not be a good idea.

Here is my mess on Saturday...
I rearranged the tables, cubbies, and toys at least 20 times trying to get the set up the right way. It really was getting frustrating!

Here is everything from my art closet. I purchased 30 clear bins to go into my cool storage ( that isn't here yet). I went ahead and organized everything and got it ready to go for when the closet storage is delivered.
Here is one of the "final" pictures. I love the cubbies that are stocked full of new games, learning materials, and science/math activities. We had a fun morning pulling activities out, going over where it goes, and some basic rules since everything is so new!
Our routine has changed a little... nap time break just doesn't happen for me as I have older ones in care. They are good, but don't take naps. We are exploring new things everyday to see what works best.

My little nappers are sleeping aka "camping out" in Mia's room for the next month or so. This way my big kids can still play and do activities and my little kids can still get their much needed naps. I have a monitor in there and do lots of checks to make sure they are sleeping!

We are working on new table routines as well... the kids help pass out plates. Once the food is out, we pass around the folks and spoon holder. Each kid has a cup ( w/ new cool labels-thanks Carolyn) that they come and get and bring to their spot as well. They have loved helping during lunch time and having jobs to do.

This week we start water play!!! It is a lot of work but so much fun! The kids love it and it wears the little ones out. We are starting it tomorrow and Thursday as long as the weather holds up. I have a brand new slip and slide calling our name!

We have started summer theme days. Last week we had Field Day Friday this week were are having terrific treat Thursday. I can't wait!

Look for more updates as we make more changes to daycare!

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