Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This week we have moved on to letter X. Since X words are hard to come by, we are using words/actions that have the letter X in them!

Today we did some eXercises. I started to lead them and the kids had a change of plans. I told them to run in place and my darling child Kadyn replies, " Can I have the Wii remote so I can run with that?" Then J replies, "Yeah Laura, we can play Wii Fit and exercise". Who can argue with that logic... So, we exercised with the Wii fit. We ran, we did strength training, and ended with hula hoops.

We updated our calendar, then Mia took the numbers off during art... so we are back to the 11th of February, thanks to her.

Then we continued with our shapes theme. Today we made Mr. Square. It has circle eyes, heart nose, and square body and feet.

I thought they turned out super cute...

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