Wednesday, February 24, 2010

random thoughts...

More random thoughts coming you way... I have been up since 4:30am. Not because of Baby Kendal, just because I couldn't sleep and my mind is going a mile a minute. I was thinking about summer plans, spring break, New Moon comes out 3/20, first day of Spring 3/20, Kendal already being 5 weeks old, remembering to call the dr. for another appointment for her, March lessons for preschool, wondering if Mia really needs "that" shirt I saw but didn't pick up... at 4:30 in the morning, this is what I am thinking about!

Yesterday we had a weight check for Kenni, she is 6lbs 5oz. She is gaining, slowly! They want to see an oz a day but she is doing 1/2 of an oz instead. So, until she is up to that point, we have to keep going 1-2x a week. Yesterday I really didn't mind going. I know she is doing good and I know she is perfect so why stress. I look at it as a short trip that gets us out during the day and a time when we can bond. And when she is 5 years old I will look back at this time and think, "where did it go?"

Last week I was referred to as the babysitter. Man oh man... I hope most people that know me or have been apart of my program know I do much more then babysit. I say I run a program because I do. We do a lot of activities in my home that you would get in a childcare center. So, it is a program. I love what I do. I do it for my kids, my husband, and the families I serve. There are days when the kids are all just going crazy and I am counting down the hours until the day is over but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have sworn off pop. This is huge for me. I am trying to cut back on my bad eating habits that I started while being pregnant with Kendal. However, this morning, what did I do... at 4:30 this morning? Drank a nice cold Dr. Pepper. Yep! That was me. And it was yummy! Now, I just hope that it was enough to move on and get back to drinking my water.

I have been wearing a lot of "workout" outfits lately... because it is all I have that fits. I have 2 pairs of jeans and workout clothing and that is about all. I am not buying anymore clothing until I am done a size. Plus, I don't want to buy winter stuff. So, I am hoping by not giving in to the size I am now, it will motivate me to loose the few extra pounds. Plus, all of my new spring summer stuff is a size smaller too- so unless I am going naked in a few weeks, I better get going!

So, because I don't want to go around naked this spring per last paragraph, I am working out again! And boy does it feel great. I am aiming for 5 days a week. It takes a lot of planning on my part with G and K having a lot of activities in the evenings. But, I am ready to start this new weight loss adventure again!!!

G and K (and myself) are ready for outside play. We so desperately need some time to run, play, ride bikes, get out and walk ect. We are all counting down the days til Spring is here! Until then...

I am getting my hair cut and colored Saturday morning... at 8am. This isn't the relaxing hair appt. I had hoped for but it meets my needs since the weeknights are pretty crazy. I am also trying out a new place. I would never be soo picky to keep on my mission to find someone who can cut and color my hair the same way twice or make my hair funky and new when I am ready for a change. (which is a lot- I like being a hip momma as much as I can)

I am waiting to the yuck to melt away from my yard and the sand to disappear from the street and driveway. I have Stanley Cleaners on speed dial for a carpet cleaning but haven't scheduled anything until the yuck is gone (aka snow). Yes, I know I can clean my carpets myself, I actually have a carpet cleaner. However, the wear and tear my floor sees it is well worth the time and money spent for them to come and work the stains out and make my carpet look new.

I need to find a dentist. I have a tooth that has been giving me troubles for almost a year now. I didn't want to go while we didn't have insurance, then I didn't want to go while I was pregnant but now I don't have any excuses expect for the fear that I have. My tooth is getting worse and now the time has come and I need to make an appointment! I hate the dentist!

Mia is walking... it is so crazy. In the 5 weeks we have had Kendal home, Mia has grown into this big girl toddler. This makes me sad but also happy! I knew it was coming but now I know she is growing, changing, and is no longer an infant but a big girl. She was supposed to be our last but seeing her milestones this last month, I am glad I get to go through this process with one more child. I am bless to have a big family.

I am so behind on scrapbooking. My favorite hobby and I haven't touched it in forever! I have a plan... so I hope I am able to stick to it and get this pictures into albums. I love doing it but it gets the shaft when it comes to getting laundry done and the house cleaned.

Speaking of cleaning the house, I am still blogging. I need to pick up a few things and get my morning started. Gaby needs to get ready for school, make my "to-do" list, and open the door for daycare! I hope the day is going well for anyone reading this and check back for more pictures, updates, and daycare activities!

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Dawn Estes said...

Girl! That's a whole lotta random thoughts for so early in the morning! I am loving my early mornings b/c I seem to be able to get so much more done! I'm going to email you the name of our dentist we love him!