Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taking care of me week...

This week we are exploring dental health, germs, healthy foods, and much more!
Above: A and J are working on putting YARN on our letter of the week "Y".

Staying with our Y theme and healthy theme, we made "Yogurt" freeze pops.
Each child helped out by pouring and measuring the yogurt, juice, and vanilla.

Then we put sticks in them and froze them...
They will be a YUMMY "Y" treat for sure!

Our healthy Yogurt and our Y

We also had a science experiment. Everyone was given an Oreo and an apple. First, everyone ate the cookie, having nothing to drink... we got to see how unhealthy snacks make our teeth look and feel. Dirty!

More dirty mouths from our unhealthy snack...

Then, we has some juice and ate a healthy snack, an apple.
After eating our healthy snack, we has some clean teeth and our smiles were very happy!

We passed around a mirror so everyone could see the difference between snacks. What a fun way to show what happens when we a) don't brush our teeth daily and b) eat unhealthy snacks.

We also talked about germs and how easily we spread germs. Each child made faces on a paper plate and then we painted our hands on different paper. We cut and glued our hand print over our mouths to illustrate what we should do when coughing.

Keep checking back to see more on our "Taking care of Me" week....

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Caroline said...

You are so good and creative! If I ever need to put my kids in daycare, I am calling you! Ha.