Monday, September 8, 2014


 Last week was our first "official" start of preschool... even though we have been doing our routine and learning rules already... we started last week with the letter A. (our handwriting sheets finally came in so we had A and B today)

 Ready for Monday's circle time (Mr.L was off to the side, and wasn't interested in sitting for stories, and Q just sits in the middle where he can get most attention from everyone!)

 Our Classic back to school books... these are my favorites!

 Dancing time... we love some tooty tot! (Thumbs up, elbows back, feet out, knees together, bottom out, eyes closed, tongue out)
 A new addition to our lessons are cool characters. This is "Kara the kind koala". We just so happen to have Dustin's koala from his childhood... so we have our every own Kara for daycare. (Dustin will kill me once he hears the daycare calling this by a new name, lol )

 When feeding this little guy, I hit on the floor so Q can still be close. Every feeding Q comes over and becomes the most lovable little boy ever. He always says, "mom" when I am feeding Joe. I think he is marking his territory maybe? I do love having Joe around because in the middle of a busy daycare day, we stop to feed and cuddle, and is a great reminder to slow down sometimes.

 My boys playing around during free time...

 L told me she was taking pictures on her computer... I love her doll she put be side her!

 Hard at work on our letter A and B...
"Mom, take a picture of my B's"....

Happy Monday!

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