Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back to school...

 Yesterday Gaby went to Middle School. She was so calm and cool about which made me even more emotional. She didn't need her momma. I am excited she is loving school, yes, only on day one, but she loves it.
 Today the elementary school started school... I had one very excited Mia ready for 1st grade.

 Kadyn was even ready to embark on her journey to 4th grade...
 My elementary school girls.
 And then there is Qman... it's his first day of....doing nothing but looking cute!
 A busy morning...bus stop kiddos and my daycare kiddos outside to watch the bus come.
 And there they went... the first day in the books!
 My new little buddy, Joe and his brother. I was asking his brother if I could keep him and he quickly said no. After that he came over and gave his brother a big hug. Super cute to see their bond!!!

 Our circle time books...
I love, love, love our summers and love, love, love having my kids home. However it adds a level of trickery to daycare. My kids don't nap, they want to play and just be kids. So, after I wipe my tears the first day of school is nice on the daycare front. I get to hang out with my little peanuts again. Here is my crew!!! So excited to see what our preschool year has in store for us.

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