Friday, July 26, 2013


 I am on day 5 of packing Gaby and Kadyn's lunch's for camp. I bought new containers, lunch boxes, and silicone cupcake to help keep foods separate. My eyes have been totally open on how much processed items we eat. However I am so not, " we are not eating anything processed ever again". I still like my white noodles and rice too much to give up. It is just not going to happen but I am trying to make simple changes like packing Mia, Kadyn, and Gaby's lunch for school. It takes some time and prep but knowing what my kids are eating at school will be huge for us.
 My little man... he is doing so well. We met our new pediatrician this past week at his 2month check up. He is on the charts now for weight, he is 10.2lbs. Such big progress from his 1st month of life. He is filling out and now wearing 0-3 month outfits instead of newborn. He is really a good baby, only gets up at 3am to eat, and goes with the flow of daycare and sisters. 
 Getting back into working out. Last week I did more "at home" exercises and this week I am doing Jazzercise. Kara has also joined so I see her at classes some time. I am slowly getting back on my weight loss journey. I have lost 20 pounds since Quentin was born and now I need to just keep plugging along. 
 Another big moment for our family... Mia got her 5 year old check up and school shots. She passed her screenings for hearing, vision, and basic concepts with flying colors.
 Mia was so excited when the doctor gave her a, "5 year old book". It is now her favorite book to read at night.
 Quentin and all of his cuteness. I bought him a sock monkey and hat at a sale this week. He looks so much like Dustin. (and I love it) Q now has a monkey of his own!
 We are getting ready to paint the living room, entry way, and dining room. (Please pray for us) and this basket has some of the colors we are updating with. I can't wait to see the finished product.
 My not so little campers this week. They have been going to Gage Park for their Back to Nature camp. It is really such a great deal- they have been fishing, swimming, hiking, canoeing, and much more. I love that they are active (unlike what they are doing in this picture-playing mincraft) and having fun with new friends. Each summer I rotate weeks at home vs camps. By far, BTN is one of their favorites!
As I look back at our past 2 months, I am so bummed next week we enroll kids for school. It doesn't seem possible that school is just around the corner. And if school is around the corner so is dance, soccer, Awana, and so much more! Looking forward to a fun filled couple of weeks and a fantastic school year as we embark on life with a 6 grader, 3rd grader, Kindergartner, preschooler (2x a week), and an infant!

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