Thursday, July 11, 2013

 With news of Creative Memories not selling traditional scrapbook supplies any more, I have started getting all of my projects in order so Kendal and Quentin and have a book completed just like the older ones. I came across this one of Kendal- it is a favorite of mine. However, I see a lot of Quentin. I can finally see that he is a "Fluke". I have a lot of work ahead of me but I am determined to get them "caught" up to kindergarten then transition to family books done digitally. I'm crossing my fingers- I just placed my last CM order and hope it is enough to get Q started and through age 5. We will see.

I am back on the weight loss wagon. I am tracking food and getting some sort of workout done each day. Workouts have been swimming, walking, running, Jazz classes, and fit camp. I am trying out different workouts to see what I want to do. At this point, I like rotating. It gives me flexibility and I don't seem to get as bored. Tomorrow is my first weigh in! Wish me luck! :)

While I went for a walk, Gaby and Kadyn came with me. We ended up running over half of our 3mile walk. I was glad they came with me however Kadyn was done by the time we close to home. We are really trying as a family to get healthy. I am doing better meal planning using more "real foods", going for walks/bike rides as a family, and I plan to pack the kids' lunches for school. These are just little things but hopefully good habits that will help me and the kids.
 Kenni and Mia went to their first Creative Play camp this summer. It was at Gage Park, half days, and lasted 2 weeks. Kendal still needs naps even though she doesn't think so. After daycare, I went out to the living room and found her and Dustin sleeping on the couch. I thought it was so cute to see her curled up on Dad's lap.
 Today Dustin, Kadyn, and Gaby are on a church trip to a water park. I am a little jealous I am not going however I know they will have a great time. It is for the 5th graders promoting to 6th grade. And Kadyn in just tagging along since I knew we wouldn't be going this summer.

I haven't blogged in forever- even today's post is taking forever since I am tending to the babe and trying to type. I guess I'll get more time to keep up as the kid gets a little older. Until then, I'll post when I can. Just keep checking. :)
 Daycare is going well. We have several part time schedules that lead to light days. Which I am happy for since we are adjusting to having an infant again. In the fall we have 2 new kids signing on as well. I am excited to get back to a routine every day. In the summer we do preschool/crafts 3x a week vs. 5x. With the lighter days we have been able to pack up and do trips. This past week we had a picnic at the park and played for a while. The kids loved it. It is awesome having Dustin here so we can do these trips every so often.  
 Kendal and Mia on the last day of camp. They loved packing their lunch and swimming everyday! It was such a positive experience for them. I look at this picture and I realize that Mia is going to school in a month. I am just not ready for her to go to school yet! She is growing up and I can't slow it down, however I know she'll be in good hands at school.
 Here is my son... still a little odd saying son. I have had a lot of fun dressing this lil peanut in boy stuff. I love navy and orange outfits on him. I have just as much fun dressing him then I do the girls. They both are just fun. The above picture is Quentin during his first official time in the nursery. He comes to work with me on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. He loves the attention he gets from the staff.
Q-bert is doing good. At his last check up he weighted 8.14lbs. He is eating well, so alert, and starting to smile. We do small periods of tummy time however instead of holding his head up, he rolls over onto his tummy. Stinker. I love his, "ohh's" the escape his little mouth. They are just adorable. He is such a snuggler which makes putting him down very hard. His still in size 1 diapers. He just outgrew his newborn sleepers when he was 7 weeks old. Quentin Neal is such a good baby- such an adventure with him.
Quentin sporting my favorite newborn outfit. He wore this the day the girls came to the hospital to meet him for the first time. Love this boy.

Keep checking back- I will try to have more updates as I can! Have a great day!!!

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